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Monday, August 3, 2009

Craft: Decorative Cylindrical Hangings

decorative cylindrical south indian style hangings easy to make

These gorgeous decorative hangings are another of my mom's creations, possibly inspired by some show or article in a magazine, she can't seem to remember...

It looked a bit daunting at first, but not anymore, not after my mom showed me how to do it. Perhaps there is a reason magicians don't reveal their trade secrets :)

Basically, take some velvet or felt-like fabric in two or three bright colors, cut into desired size strips, top triangular tapers, and shaped bottom fringes. Sew together as shown. Decorate to your heart's content. Even if the top triangles are not sewn right it is fine, mistakes barely show in this.

decorative hangings

Then, join the long edges, right sides together and sew to form a tube-like piece. Decorate to cover the joined edge. Gather the top tapering triangles, sew a little ring or a piece of chain to hang from.

Now, the trick is to find a way to hold the cylindrical shape as the fabric will simply hang limp.

My mom used some of the old X-rays she had - simply roll the old X-ray films to desired size and push it inside the tube to hold shape.

Ideally, if using X-ray film for insert, measure the X-ray film first and then cut the fabric to match. Additionally, use some thermocol (polystyrene) from packaging - cut into cylinders or a few disks to hold the shape.

Else, some PVC tubes can be used. Even thin cardboard that will bend freely can be used. Or, for slimmer, smaller hangings (for practice) use 1 liter water bottles as inserts.

Just get creative!

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