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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sewing: Artist Tool belt

D rarely wears his tool belt when he works around the house, not unless he is up the ladder and doesn't want to get down each time, or call me to hand him his stuff... and, Ana is in a phase where she totally is enamored by her dad and wants to do everything he does, and wants to do everything with him.

So, D wanted to get Ana a nice little Artist Tool Belt, very much like his own tool belt, that she can wear and tote around her artist supplies, or whatever else she fancies. He looked around online and they seemed terribly expensive, so, he wondered if I could sew one for her.

Could I??!

I was looking for a simple project anyway, and had enough scrap from my other quilting and sewing projects that I could have sewn a half a dozen in less than a day! Well, not tooting or anything, but, it is a fun little project that can be done in under an hour if the kids keep themselves busy, or maybe in under two hours while watching them...

I measured Ana's waist and made it fit around her waist, with a tie in the back so it is adjustable as she grows. It has a few pockets of various widths, some of which are wide enough for her hands to go in, while others are narrow enough to hold a few brushes and crayons and rag cloth and such...

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