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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer Books

Between an infant and a 3-yr old, Time has become terribly precious and it seems like a good idea to catch up on sleep with what little time can "spare".

Fortunately, unless I am drop-dead exhausted where I lean against the kitchen countertop and fall asleep in the middle of making a meal (it has happened!), or lay my head on the dining table thinking I'll just close my eyes for a minute or two while my tea is brewing and wake up after 10 minutes, I have developed this habit of reading at least a page or two in bed before sleep takes over or Oggie screams for attention.

So, even though it is slow, I do manage to get some books read. Over the last few months I've read a few new ones as well as re-read a few old favorites...

Interesting Times, The Fifth Elephant, The Bromeliad Trilogy and Sourcery - all by my favorite Terry Pratchett were just alright, nothing spectacular like Small Gods or Wyrd Sisters/Witches Abroad or Mort.

I have always been partial to non-fiction, but over the last few years since Ana came in our midst I've enjoyed fiction a lot. One of the non-fiction I enjoyed a while back was The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.

I am hoping to take it easy over the next few months and try to read Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. A while back, Eoin Colfer (Eoin sounds like Owen, Irish) gave a talk at The Baghdad Theater. It was a coin-toss and D won, so he got to go to the talk while I stayed home with the kids. The talk apparently was a bit about himself and his interests and mostly about his latest book Time Paradox... anyway, Artemis Fowl series seems like the Harry Potter series aimed at young adult, but, that hasn't stopped me from thoroughly enjoying The Bartimeus Trilogy, and, besides, I am just not ready for the more "serious" fiction - the kind that is brilliant and outstanding and can take your breath away with its poignancy and pith. Such luxuries just have to wait till Oggie starts preschool...

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Blogger Dale said...

Oh, I loved the Bartimeus books! Read them aloud to the family.

Yi, I remember the lack of sleep. My wife and I still call our first five years of childrearing "the lost years": we were running on so little sleep that we just remember a fog of sleep-deprivation, and that's about it. My daughter didn't sleep through the night for years.

5:59 PM  
Blogger Faraaz said...

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