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Monday, April 28, 2008

crochet: infant sweater and hat set

crochet easy baby sweater patternI went yarn shopping with Ana and hovered near the Bernat Softee yarns that were on sale. On a whim, I asked Ana to pick a color to make a sweater for her baby brother and she picked this seen here :)

It took me little pockets of time - say about 20 minutes a day - for about 3 weeks to finish this sweater and hat set... it was tough choosing between catching up on sleep and crocheting, but, I was a bit driven this time: I wanted to make a baby sweater for my wee little 5 week-old boy.

crochet easy baby sweater pattern My preferred pattern is to start crocheting the fronts and back and go around till armhole; then divide the work there to finish left front, back, and right front, shaping the neck as I go; then pick up at the armhole and finish the sleeves.

Usually, I prefer to make the sweaters bigger as babies grow fast and won't need it till their first real winter, but, since the wee one was handy, and since it is bloody cold here now in Spring, I just measured and tailored it to fit him now. I can always make more as he grows (assuming I have the patience and time).

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