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Monday, January 28, 2008

crochet: baby afghan, koala, hat and booties

crochet: baby afghan, koala, hat and booties This is the only picture I have of the stuff I eagerly crocheted for my nephew when he was born.

He is an energetic five year old now, getting ready for school...

Despite the fuzziness, I decided to record it here as it was one of my early attempts at making crochet stuffed toys. I've made a few since then, but, this Koala is still my favorite as it was my first.

The baby afghan is made up of simple granny squares. The lilac-looking color on the afghan, if I remember right, is actually more of a periwinkle blue, which is one of my favorite colors. I was hesitant about the orange in the afghan for a boy and ran it by D who assured me that it was fine, as long as it is not pink or purple all other colors are fair game for boys :)

The hat and booties are my usual simple pattern, found on the web. (Koala is wearing the hat in the picture).

The Koala stuffed toy was, of course, a pattern I found in my first Learn To Crochet book. It is stuffed with the standard acrylic polyfill that seems to be recommended for kids' toys.

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