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Saturday, December 15, 2007


The minimal and affordable holiday shopping especially for the wee ones is done. A few handmade cards have been sent to loved ones who have dropped under the radar. The modest Douglas Fir tree is up, decked and lit. Now what?

The demure and awkward 12-year-old sporting two long greasy fall-below-the-derriere braids redolent with coconut oil, mildly exuding a potently fragrant Vicco™ Turmeric Ayurvedic cream and Pond's™ Dreamflower talc, prostrating before her parents every morning after bath seeking their blessings with unswerving sincerity, thirsting spiritual knowledge, piously walking the straight and narrow path of instilled goodness believing strongly in idealism, has faded into the background gracefully, morphing into a fairly urbane, pragmatic and realistic woman, wife, mother, still embracing spiritual fulfillment as life's design, striving to be her best and do her best without worrying about what others think of her...

Years ago, sitting on a lone rock on the Himalayas, near the Siddhabari camp, reflecting on what to expect from life and what to seek in life, was a very angry and confused teenager. She was not sure what made her angry, she just knew she was irritable and not pleasant to be around. She did not know what to do about it. So she did nothing. Oh, she did learn a little about the Upanishads and knew portions of The Bhagavadh Gita by-heart, replete with meaning and spiritual guidance. She just didn't know how that applied to her dreams of growing up to be successful. She didn't quite know what success really meant either.

Slowly, she started realizing that Life is just a journey: We can scramble all we want trying to do the best we can for ourselves, our near-and-dear, and our progeny. We can stomp through the world making our mark, such as it may be... or, tread ever-so-lightly knowing we are just passing through. We can get caught up in the materialistic necessities and lose sight of our purpose, whatever that may be. We can perform our duties as daughters, mothers, sisters, wives and still feel unfulfilled...

But, she is here now, less agitated, less volatile, perhaps placid and in harmony with where life has placed her, taking stock of life, making sure she recognizes and appreciates all the small blessings, looking forward to being a more giving and caring person, hoping to make a positive difference in others' lives, however small...



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