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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crochet: Irish hooded capelet for Toddler


I was quite excited about making a simple scarf for my friend R's birthday, and as I picked out the color, I decided to get some extra skeins to make a matching toddler hooded capelet/poncho for her little girl so mama and baby can walk around all chic and coordinated :)

And from what I gather, the intended little recipient happens to like it and so do her parents! Now all I have to do is wait for the photos of the adorable little tot modeling this little creation.

The crochet poncho pattern is sort of made up - I looked at some of the free poncho projects on Lion Brand website and other free pattern sites and gleaned a general idea for shaping... I didn't want it too triangular and pointy, I wanted softer wavy edges, and no fringes either - they get caught in everything - plus, I wanted it to have a deep yet fashionable cowl.

This capelet/poncho is being modeled by little Miss Polly Pees-a-lot, Ana's latest friend - a gift from her Nana.

And, no, I did not name her. Since Enid paapaa and Olga paapaa were named by me and Ana, we let D come up with a suitable name for the new doll. We got what we asked for!

Meet Miss Polly Pees-a-lot...

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Blogger ~nm said...

Wow! Thats looks really nice! For people like me who have rarely touched needles and yarns, its a big big achievement. For me it requires a lot of courage to do any knitting!

I'm sure the lil girl must be looking so cute in the outfit!

6:25 AM  
Blogger Kay said...

Wow! That looks amazing! You are so creative.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Sheela said...

thanks ~nm, thanks kay!

i am quite a lazy gal really - and i like to look for short-cuts and easy projects - fortunately this turned out to be a super easy crochet project :)

4:09 PM  

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