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Saturday, October 20, 2007

sewing: black sheep fleece tops


While I am not necessarily a hoarder, I do look for sales at my favorite crafts, yarn and fabric stores to stock up on things I would use anyway. I am not too fond of paying full price, if I can help it :)

Not too long ago, JoAnn Stores had one of their periodic sales of Fleece, among other things. Thick, plush, soft and warm fleece is my preferred fabric for making winter tops for Ana. The solids were only 3.99$ a yard, and prints were 4.99$ a yard. Pretty darn good price, really. Especially since fleece comes in 60-inch width (compared to the usual 45-inch width of most other fabrics), a little bit goes a long way.

Since cold weather is here already, I decided to make a few fleece tops for Ana. It takes less than half a yard to make the tops - closer to 3/8ths of a yard, actually. So, not factoring in labor cost and other paraphernalia, this tops worked out to about 3$ or so, which is hard to beat.

Plus I get to customize it with my very own appliqué :)

Ana likes the pig appliqué in her lilac fleece tops, which stood for her favorite nursery rhyme at that time "This little piggy went to market...". She likes her animal patches in the red fleece tops as well, but I decided to go with the nursery rhyme theme again and made a black sheep appliqué for "Baa Baa Black Sheep..." for this green fleece tops.

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Looks interesting...:))

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