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Monday, February 19, 2007

thoweff, fant, eeppo

toddler fleece tops with appliqué patches
The patches I had saved from making a baby-mat-toy-tote were just so cute that I couldn't wait to use them on something for my wee tot.

Polar fleece is my favorite material for making toddler winter clothes. No worries about finishing edges as it doesn't fray. Quite soft. Keeps the wee one warm and cozy. Easy to wash.

The lilac fleece tops seems to have made an impression on the wee one: she asks for it by name - "Pig shette" (Pig shirt) - and is happy to wear it pretty much every day.

This red fleece tops now seems to have taken an equally favorite spot in her wardrobe :-)

I took the time to add some embroidery along cuff, hemline, and neckline. Also, zigzagged the seam edges together to keep them from getting bulky. Overall, the finish turned out much better on this one than the lilac one... it was fun sewing this tops for my baby doll.

The appliqué patches are prints of giraffe (thoweff), elephant (fant) and hippo (eeppo), a few of her favorite animals.

toddler red fleece tops with appliqué patches

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Blogger Kay said...

Oh my! Can I talk sewing with you? please? :)

I just read your post on desimomz talk and jumped right over to see your sewing blog.

On the maroon top, at the hem, is that a feather stitch, that I see?

IS it ok to ask what sewing machine and serger do you have?

12:22 PM  

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