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Saturday, January 27, 2007

teaching essential skills

New dinosaurs: Spelling, conversation skills brought out some things that has been nagging me since I started thinking about what sort of Education I wanted for my wee tot.

More importantly, What do I consider essential skills?

One of the comments said:
"...teaching children how to think and reason and deduce. We're too busy teaching them how to do long division without teaching them how to analyze, correlate, deduct, summarize, hypothesize, debate, research, formulate and on and on and on."

Well, language skills, mathematical skills, reasoning, analyzing, inferring, critical thinking... i consider all of them essential.

Will today's Technology impede the development of such skills for our children?

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Blogger Julie Q. said...

Good question. I think all the technical skills in the world can't make up for a lack of critical thinking skills and observation skills. Ironically I think children have both of these things inherently but maybe when they aren't used enough (due to too many activities like video games, etc. that tell them what to think and how to respond) they atrophy. So our job is to nurture their natural gifts.

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