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Saturday, January 20, 2007

fleece tops with pig applique, and pants

I love Fleece. Soft. Light-weight. Cozy. Warm. Perfect for winter.

Since my wee tot has outgrown the ones I had made last winter, I decided to make a couple of fleece tops for her this year. This is the first one. I had some lilac fleece leftover from making a pair of lounge pants for her last winter and wanted to use it up this year...there was just enough for a top.

It didn't take very long to sew. I sort of measured her and made it somewhat bigger. The finish of course is a bit rough, but, she doesn't mind, I am sure. At least for another year or two, I can get away with my limited sewing skills:-)

But, the fun part was making the pig appliqué. It was not a random choice. She loves Cow, Pig, Bunny, Duck, Mouse, Doggy and Kitty. However, I only had pink felt handy and didn't want to go shopping to complete this project. The main idea was to use up my scraps.

I suppose I could have done a pink bunny. But, that sounded a bit blasé. Pig. Now, that would be an interesting conversation piece for her, with her toddler class-mates at daycare. Nothing like pointing to her chest and declaring "Pig!". It had to be a Pig. That settled it.

The pants, if it isn't already too easy to guess, was made from leftover cotton print I had used for a quilt project.

The work week was just too stressful and I needed to find a way to release all the pent up stress and frustration. This was the perfect antidote. I loved making it for her last night, after she went to bed.

Plus, I didn't get the chiding look from D for spending more on fabric than it would cost to buy her ready-made clothes.

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Blogger Kay said...

The piggie top was oh-so-sweet! :)
Wee-one is a ditto of her dad, isn't she?

8:23 AM  

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