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Saturday, December 30, 2006

FuBonn Supermarket

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Every time I am shopping at FuBonn supermarket, I tell myself that I will go straight home and write about it.

It is probably almost a year since I first visited this wonderful asian market, and I realized I must at least mention it now... as I just got back from FuBonn supermarket shopping for supplies for Spring Rolls I made for appetizer tonight.

We live not too far from FuBonn Shopping Center; we've driven by when it was just beginning construction and were quite eager for it to open. When it opened, as expected, there were barely a couple of stores, the primary attraction being the FuBonn supermarket. There are quite a few stores now.

Unfortunately, as it so happened, the last several dozen times I've shopped there, I go armed with my list, pick up the stuff I need, and rush back home. I haven't had the chance to explore all the new stores there. Even the FuBonn supermarket has undiscovered treasures for me.

Hopefully, when I am there the next time with my shopping list, circumstances will so arrange themselves to allow me to shop around leisurely and I'll get to visit all the other stores...

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