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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

country charm baby quilt

country charm baby quiltcountry charm baby quilt

This is another baby quilt I made over this past week and weekend, seizing the time when my wee tot is taking a nap or is otherwise occupied*. I call it "country charm" just because the fabric prints remind me of charming country style decor. It is a "baby" quilt in the sense that the quilt dimensions are about 33"x44", not too big, but the fabric prints are not quite the traditional baby-friendly prints :-)

This is my current favorite piecing technique for quilt top: piece together long strips of 3"-wide (or any other width, depending on the block size and seam allowance) fabrics of three different co-ordinating prints. Cut them into blocks, the size of which would depend on the size of the strips and finished size needed. Arrange the blocks in random manner to form pretty interesting pattern. Add border on all four sides and Voila!

Alternately, after making the long strips of three (or more) fabrics 3" (or other) wide, one can proportionately cut cross-wise strips and piece them to form 9-patch or 16-patch blocks as well. This seems to be the most common piecing technique discussed in beginner quilt books.

One main reason I like it is because: I can piece the 3-strip blocks into some orderly pattern, or just arrange them randomly as seen in the picture to get different finished quilts that are not identical despite using the same set of fabrics. Pretty Neat!

The back of this quilt is a pretty country-style print that I liked a lot so, this country charm quilt is sort of 'reversible' in that sense.

The back looks just as pretty as the front, declared D, who rarely comments on my creations unless I twist his arm and act all cross if i don't hear a favorable review :-)

* like trying on all her clothes one over the other, or, reading her books, or enticing the kitties to play with her etc

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