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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

pinwheel baby quilt

I am still a beginner quilter so I am teaching myself the standard cutting and piecing techniques. And I still sort of pretty much quilt in the ditch or on the diagonal to be safe. I am not trying any fancy pattern.

Pinwheel is one of my favorite patterns just from looking at the quilting books, and, I had not done one so far. So, I decided to try a baby quilt with pinwheels, with fairly largish blocks. Ta-Da!

pinwheel baby quiltpinwheel baby quilt

This is a 38"x38" finished size baby quilt of sorts.

And, if you stare at it long enough you will notice that one of the pinwheels had a mind of its own and decided to spin out of formation. Adds to the charm, me-thinks:-)

It was quite a fun project. Considering I only have the living room floor space large enough to work on, I only got to work on it when my wee tot was in bed for an afternoon or nighttime nap over the previous weekend. So, it pretty much took me a whole weekend to finish it, working in little pockets of time I snatched between cooking, cleaning, grocery-shopping and waiting for Baby to nap.

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