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Friday, November 17, 2006

my accidental GI experiment

I've been interested in Glycemic Index (GI) since I first found out about gestational diabetes when expecting my wee one to arrive.

On and off I dabbled with low GI foods, but, not enough to notice anything dramatically different. Like, I switched to basmati rice or brown rice, started eating more oats, reduced the intake of processed breakfast cereals etc., but, not very dutifully or consistently. (I do so love toasted oats and corn flakes).

But, yesterday, I think I might have hit upon something of a revelation of sorts.

Either that or a mighty big glitch in my system:

I like the breads at Great Harvest Bread Co., and have tried a few on and off. One of breads i like is the Dakota Bread - has a bunch of grains and seeds and such. Tastes good. I've had it for dinner once in a while... But, I have a few reservations about it - like, it goes dry after the first day of bringing it home, and it is hard to consume the whole loaf in a day as it is quite a dense sort of bread.

Anyway, yesterday, I had a fairly thick slice of Dakota bread for breakfast for the first time, and some coffee as usual (decaf). And to my surprise I did not feel hungry for the rest of the day till dinner time! I did have a few cups of herbal tea. Also had a cup of Hot Chocolate. But, that's it for the whole day. I wasn't famished like I usually am by the time I get home from work. I took my time to cook a simple meal to sup on.

Random Anomaly? I hope not...

I do think the Low GI Eating Habits might be a possible solution to explore in the long run for me.

Of course, wanting variety, and not always in the mood for breakfast while rushing out the door to get to work, I did not try the trick again today.

Note to self: Maybe sometime next week try to eat a slice of Dakota bread every morning to test this theory.

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Blogger Jayarama Krishnan said...

My experiments have shown that not eating regular meals results in acidity. Worse, when you fill the gaps in between, with coffee and tea.

Don't try crazy experiments on your body, you only have one of it. Eat healthy, but regularly.

Ah, the joy of advising! ;)

6:59 AM  
Blogger Sheela said...

advise duly noted, krishnan :-)

9:21 AM  

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