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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

onesies to tees

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I used to love onesies for my baby and whenever i found the next few sizes on sale i stocked up. Now that she is a toddler, and ready for potty training, onesies don't seem suitable, so, i decided to convert a five-pack into tees.

Problem 1: They were onesies
Solution: Cut off the bottom and did rolled hem on two, lettuce edge on two and mock coverstitch using twin needles on the other

Problem 2: They were all plain white and boring, but good quality
Solution: I dyed two of them pink, and two of them sort of teal, left one white

Problem 3: They still looked drab and boring
Solution: Did little felt applique and buttons to liven them up a bit

Am still working on the teal ones; i did some embroidery on the white one;

Attached photos shows a glimpse of the pink ones.

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