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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

l'affaire avec crochet

I was in middle school when i first learned to knit. I made a baby set for my new nephew then. It was my first knitting project. It didn't turn out great. It was a school project - "extra-curricular" - needed to learn a few crafts back then even though where i lived, we never needed anything more than thin cotton clothes and sheets...

I was in college when my dear friend and room-mate I.B. introduced me to crochet. She magically produced this beatiful vest overnight to surprise me for my birthday next morning. I was deeply touched by that gesture and I still hold that vest dear - so dear that i can't bring myself to wear it as i want it to last forever. But, what struck me then was that it could be done so fast - my first knitting project took me weeks to finish. I.B. was kind and patient enough to teach me single crochet and slip stitch and my first crochet project was a little change purse. It turned out OK. And I promptly forgot all about it.

And then when I was unemployed one fall, many years later, my husband gave me a Teach Yourself Crochet kit. The timing was perfect, all the stars were perfectly aligned, I was hooked (pun intended) and my deep and passionate affair with crochet began then. I crocheted for months, learning about a dozen odd stiches and practising them with afghans and sweaters and baby sets and hats and scarves, giving away a few to charity and to friends and family. I was unstoppable. My hand sort of developed this chronic ache and refused to straighten out - it was so cramped I would scream in pain and sit on it hoping it would help...

I have dabbled with knitting on and off since, but, crochet feels very relaxing, and once i get the hang of the pattern, i can turn my mind onto other fancy things while my hands just take over and complete the project. I never had that kind of feeling with knitting. Maybe I didn't learn it right. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but, whatever it is, I am quite happy sticking to crocheting for now.

I didn't think of digitally storing each of those early creations...

My passion has cooled off to an occasional gift for a friend's new baby or something cute for my little toddler. There is so much to learn and so many projects to try out... and so little time these days.

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