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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code
by Dan Brown

I was not quite in awe as many others, but, I liked the book. It was fast-paced. It had the mystery. Plot unfurled masterfully. Descriptions of places and art were superb. Reading the book was like watching a movie in my head. And having watched the movie, the book still seems much more entertaining.

The main objection (and attraction) I have to such books is that somehow there is always this one super villain, in a position of virtually unlimited power, able to manipulate people and world events without coming under suspicion on any radar, orchestrating an implausibly elaborate plot, threatening total destruction, such that, finding and eliminating him/her somehow magically sets the world right.

Oh, and, in an attempt to make you suspect the most improbable character, the book ends up leading you directly to The Butler.

Well, that didn't stop me from reading Dan Brown's Deception Point, primarily because it was not a R. Langdon mystery, and besides, my library had it ready to borrow - no waiting! What did I think of Deception Point? Well, it was OK. Everything said above applies to this book as well.

Considering I read 3 Dan Brown books back to back in about 3 weeks, D seems to think I have become an ardent fan of the genre again.

Just to throw him off the scent, I am now reading The Great Game: a Professor Moriarty novel by Michael Kurland ;-)

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