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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Patience is a virtue

That's what my parents taught me. Clearly, they never had to deal with CSM and phone CSR ever.

I am waiting here, for Cingular to get a representative on the line to answer me.

All i want to do is close my account. That's it. Just close the darn account and rid me of any further headaches. But, apparently, with all the support they give on their web site, they do not let you close your account on the web. You have to call or talk to someone in person. Herculean Task.

When the cloying voice tells me my wait time is going to be over 20 mins due to high call volume, i think, "hm. OK, shouldn't be too bad; 20+ mins should not be much more than 30 mins, so, i'll just put it on speaker phone and hold while i make breakfast for Baby".

And every once in a while when i hear the same cloying voice on the speaker phone apologizing for the delay, i say to myself, "well, it happens; many are calling at the same time; it is natural; be patient and wait. your call will be answered". So I wait till about 30 mins and start getting fidgety. Then, the piercing shriek and grating whines that follow clearly indicate Baby is upset and needs attention.

Oh Well. Hang up and call again. Maybe my wait time will be shorter next time i call...

Not so. The cloying voice announced each time i called that my wait time will be over 20 mins.

I have been waiting in 30-35 min stretches for about 4 stretches on and off so far since 8:45 am this morning. It is now close to 12:30. And am still waiting.

Baby had breakfast; Baby got a bath; Baby played in the yard for a while; Baby had lunch; Baby is now ready for her nap; i have been on hold waiting for a Cingular representative...

'Why do you want speaker phone?' my husband asked when i splurged 10$ on this corded phone. We don't need another phone, he said. Bah! Even if it just served today's purpose and gave up its ghost, it would have been worth every cent.

It has been 45 mins this time, and am still waiting. I am itching to hang up. Baby is about half-way through her nap. Any minute now, it will be my turn. "Don't hang up now. You've been waiting so long, you will lose your place in the queue".

... waiting...

55 mins and counting...

... still waiting...

62 mins and still waiting....

Swearing is acceptable when it is justified. Right?

any minute now, i think it will be more than justified...



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