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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bitten by the Q Bug

Sooner or later, it was bound to happen.

I did not descend from a family of quilters. In fact, where I spent my childhood, we didn't need quilts - the lowest night-time temperature would be about 60 F.

Cutting forward to my adulthood, I did not think much of quilts even though i religiously watched Fons&Porter on Public Television on Saturday mornings. I watched Martha Pullen. I also watched Sewing with Nancy. And, if there was anything Fons&Porter show taught me, it was that quilting is for skilled aficionados with lots of time on their hands, not for amateur sewers like moi. Also, that quilting needed special machines.

Somewhere along the way i acquired a beginner's quilting book from my mom-in-law. I gave it a casual glance and decided it involved too much cutting. I love to sew. But, cutting is not my thing.

Then, it is hard to pinpoint the moment, but, these things sort of happen: I was bitten by the quilting bug. I was hooked. I scoured the web, borrowed as many quilting books as I can from Public Library and decided to get my feet wet a few months ago, making my first ever quilt for my little nephew.

It turned out OK. Not my best effort. I have learnt a lot since then. But, it is my favorite as I finished it in about 4 hrs (cutting, piecing the blocks, attaching backing and batting and quilting in-the-ditch), but it looks like it should have taken not more than 2 :-)

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