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Thursday, August 31, 2006

gaucho pants

I must admit, for a brief period there I *actually* considered going around in public wearing gaucho pants. They were a big hit last year, and were in vogue about 35 years ago, plus they seemed very comfortable.

But, here's what I found out: if you are under 5'5" tall like I am, they only look good on you if you are also under 100 lbs. Otherwise, they end up highlighting all your uncomplimentary features while making you think they are hiding them beautifully.

I've tried them on at the store several times, almost deciding to buy. And, every time, I had to remind myself that the doctored up store mirrors are just reflecting a flattering me and altering my reality just-so.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I have fallen prey a number of times heading home excited about a great fitting pair of jeans only to find that my Mirror Mirror On The Wall simply won't lie to me, no matter how much I stood on tip toe while sucking my gut in.

But, better sense has always prevailed when it came to gaucho-pants-shopping. So far.

And then again, if ever you catch me across the road strutting confidently in my gauchos, please do me a favor and try not to shatter my alternate reality... that could be your Good Deed For The Day.



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