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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

my very own baby "designer" tees

toddler designer t-shirt
I found really nice ribbed knits, pique knits, jersey knits at for $1.95/yard; this is pretty reasonable price, i thought, so I bought a few yards in a couple of colors. I had some batik scraps from doing a quilt and decided to try my hand at sewing t-shirts for my wee one.

I think they turned out "good enough": my new serger did a nice job with the seams, the finish looks professional enough to be mistaken for store-bought at a casual glance; although i am disappointed that my serger won't do any coverstitch, i have decided to keep it and give it a chance...

Appliqué on the sage tee turned out nice; and if it looks like i appliquéd an amoeba on the red tee, I'll have to admit that my drawing skills were a bit hampered that day...hehe!

toddler designer t-shirt

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