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Friday, November 3, 2006

an interesting tagcloud

i was fascinated by this: presidential tags

not just about the content therein, but about
the way it seems to have been generated - I quote:
"This aging tag cloud was created by the same algorithm...
using the plain-text html-stripped contents from my 'blog entries."

mental note: pretty neat; i should do more things like that.

i want to keep my blog as a-political as possible;
i want to keep it as a-technical as possible;
i want to write about everyday things;

i want to feel free to write what i feel like,
regardless of whose eyes and judgments will be on it.

many things interest me, and
i have not even begun to write about them here;
they are tucked away in the deep recesses of my brain;

my memory is short, as is my patience
life is a bit hectic - sort of in a good way
the kind of way it gets when you have a wee one

many projects get started with full gusto
few get completed...

writing requires commitment,
dedication, energy and TIME
much like anything else

when i would much rather piece
a wooden puzzle with my wee tot,
other things usually take a backseat

i could be funny one day, depressing the next
i could be stirring and profound
or just completely yawn-inspiring

c'est la vie.



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