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Monday, November 13, 2006

baby layette set

baby layette crochet quilt set
About 3 weeks ago
, I was gung-ho about making a baby layette set for my dear friend's new baby girl. But, it took me a while to settle on what exactly I wanted to do.

I did not like some of the patterns I had used for my own little one, and I wanted to do something new.

Thanks to Julie's pattern, the crochet sweater was a lot of fun to make. I sort of improvised on her pattern a bit and added shell edging at the bottom of the sweater.

Instead of a crochet blanket, I made a baby quilt. To complete this set, I crocheted a cute-sy hat with ear flaps, and booties :-)

baby layette setbaby layette set

Since most of the baby girl's gifts are pink or purple, I decided to 'shake things up' a bit and make a green set for the little one. But, couldn't help adding the pink touches;-)

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Anonymous rama.shivakumar said...

Tara is really lucky to be the receipient of some of that creative energy! The layette/Blanket set is beautiful. Thanks so much for the thoughtful present in memory of a long friendship! Hope Tara and Ana will be friends some day!

4:06 AM  

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