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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Man of Constant Sorrow

It was one of those weeks where I was too tied up to visit and edit my queue on Netflix, so, was stuck with D's choice. Usually, his choice of movies sort of don't agree well with mine. I have been pleasantly surprised at times, so I always give it a chance.

Anyway, that's how I happened to watch O Brother, Where Art Thou?

To me, a movie is just a movie, actors are just actors. I try not to gush about them too much or trash them too hastily.

Don't get me wrong: Movie is a wonderfully creative medium and I am quite awed by it at times. I do find a lot of movies very entertaining. I love watching movies if I am in the right mood for it. Quite a few movies have left an impression on me about the artistry, cinematography, story, direction and such. So, as a medium, I absolutely tend to appreciate it.

I am digressing...

Although I was blissfully unaware of the movie until then, I sort of liked O Brother, Where Art Thou? but, I especially liked the music in this movie a lot.

A lot of bluegrass music, and american folk music in general, is a new discovery for me as I did not start learning about them until recently.

Therefore, I had not heard this apparently very old and popular song Man of Constant Sorrow until I was treated to the Soggy Bottom Boys' version in O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I am not sure why, but I am quite taken with this song. It's sort of like I can't explain why I get all teary eyed every time I hear a powerful rendition of Amazing Grace - the melody moves me, hits the right notes - am not sure it is the lyrics that get me... this is the most-requested piece at home when D plays his concertina or tin-whistle

p.s: although I don't have an audio clip to put up here, there is a sample available here if interested.

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