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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

merry christmas!

caps to the capital crochet hats

Santa paid us a visit and he apparently thought we've been good:-)

I sent out a couple of caps i crocheted for the Caps to the Capital program I mentioned earlier.

I feel like Q4 2006 was too hectic: work was crazy as we had projects all lined up to be launched before year end; I had started a few projects of my own at home and they got done; am glad I could contribute in a small way to Project Linus and Save The Children foundation.

I feel like I need a long holiday.

Usually, on Christmas day, by mid-afternoon, I get a strange sense of have-i-done-anything-in-my-life-that-is-worth-anything feeling, sort of puts me in philosophical mode and makes me take stock of all the good things in Life and push away unnecessary baggage I carry about stuff I cannot change...

This year was no exception. I am still struggling with that feeling, but, it will pass.

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