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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

back to basics

Our water heater started leaking from the bottom and it was time to get it replaced by a newer, more energy efficient one.

We talked to the plumber and it seemed like a fairly simple task, not taking more than a few hours, during which time the hot water will be shut off, of course.

We scheduled it and awaited the plumber. He came as expected, shut off hot water, drained the tank, disconnected the electrical input, was about to remove the old tank and put in the new tank, turn back the power and fill the tank so we will have good hot water again without batting an eye-lid, so to speak, when things sort of decided to take a wrong turn.

Alas, Life is not always magical.

Work got stalled for fairly good reasons. Plumber wanted an Electrician on board to do some extra work that Plumbers are not authorized or certified to do or something like that...

Anyway, the outcome is that we have not had hot water for two days.

Well, I must say, we have not had hot water running from our pipes for two days, that is.

I am amazed at how many things we take for granted, but, when need arises, we try to revert back to basics, at least temporarily. We just started heating up water we need on the stove and use it for just the necessities.

About 3 gallons of super hot water mixed in with about 3 gallons of cold water gave two adults enough water at just the right temperature for a fairly good rinse of ourselves:-)

This is how I remember taking a bath in India when I was little: a bucket of hot water, and a bucket of cold water, and a mug with a handle is all i needed.
1. scoop some hot water and some cold water in the mug - the amounts of each come naturally with experience - and I have a perfect mug of water at the right temperature to pour on myself
2. soap up
3. then repeat step 1 until thoroughly rinsed

Doing the dishes is a bit more tedious this way, but, it is either that or dirty dishes piling up till we can have hot water flowing again. Besides, I never used a dish washer until my wee tot arrived when I had my hands too full to manage it all; so, not a big deal now:-)

Laundry can wait, unless I do a cold cycle, which is fine for all our clothes anyway.

Rather than kick up a fuss and get all upset, we thought we would try the glass-is-half-full approach and so far it is working. I am not sure how long we can keep this up. Hopefully we will have hot water running in our pipes again before Christmas.

So, back to basics it is, till then.

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