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Sunday, February 11, 2007

baby mat toy tote

baby mat toy tote

"Remember E who works with me? We went to their wedding reception a couple of years ago?", D quizzed.

"Ummm... ya, I remember, they both are your colleagues, right?" I remembered, but, our paths hadn't crossed since.

"Well, they are expecting a baby."

"Wow! How nice!! Do they know if it is a girl or a boy?"

"Girl, I think. Anyway, we are having a baby shower at work for them. It would be nice if we could gift one of your baby quilts or something."

"Yay! sure, of course! that would be super! But wait, I gave away all my quilts. I don't have any ready. I could make one. When is the shower?"

"Coming Monday."


"You could just shop for some baby stuff. I wouldn't have a clue what to get..."

"Umm... let me see... I can make something. I like hand-made gifts for baby showers. Wish I had known earlier..."

baby mat toy tote

I had always wanted one of these Quilted Baby Mats that double as a Toy Tote when my wee tot Ana was little. I was too exhausted during those post-partum days to make anything like this.

Thanks to my mom and dad, who stayed with us for several weeks after baby's arrival, doing all the cooking and cleaning, I was at least able to get myself together during the 30 days of maternity leave I got. Then it was off to work again and things were a blur.

I started sewing and crocheting in right earnest again only after Ana was close to a year old. Till then it was just a small crochet cap or sweater, a simple fleece hat or tops, that's it.

baby mat toy tote

This was inspired by one of the projects in my craft book.

Open the hook-and-loop fasteners on the sides and it unfolds to a soft, plush, quilted baby mat.

Plenty of room for a baby to hang out and play with her toys. Till she learns to scoot on her belly or crawl, say till about 5 months or so, it can work as a take-along mat.

Have all the toys spread out on the mat, plant the baby on it, give her plenty of tummy time...

And, when it is time to get going, just scoop the baby up, gather up the mat and press the sides together, and effortlessly tote all her toys away.

I hope E likes it and finds it useful. I can't wait to see pictures of their little baby girl...

Well, that was my weekend project. It was a lot of fun. The flannel fabric print was just too adorable. I held on to the scraps, carefully cut out some of the animals to make patches out of them and applique them on other projects.

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