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Saturday, February 3, 2007

fleece bag with crochet heart pocket

fleece bacg with crochet heart pocket This whole week was a bit of a blur as all of us were sick at home. We are recovering. It was the Flu, I think... but, with both parents sick, it gets hard to handle a sick and willful toddler. We managed. I can't help but admire parents with more than one child - where do they get the energy from and how do they manage when they all fall sick?

Anyway, this morning, my fever is down, headache is under control, not very nauseous anymore, so I started feeling very restless and needed some creative outlet. I made a fleece bag with crochet heart pocket.

The crochet heart I mentioned in previous post sort of seemed inadequate to send as a gift for a little 4-yr old, so, I decided to make a bag for it :-)

This is a simple fleece bag, with the crochet heart forming the front detail as well as a pocket of sorts to tote all the little-girl things around. I added a simple fringe at the bottom, and some embroidery detail. Fleece is so wonderful for this project as it doesn't fray, or pill, or shrink.

My wee tot is too young now to carry a bag around like this, so, maybe next year I'll make one for her...

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