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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dammi tanti Baci

Perugina Baci, I mean...

Rolling-eyes, shaking-heads and tut-tutting notwithstanding, absolutely on an impulse, feeling very guilty about not getting anything significant to show my affection on Valentine's Day, I bought just a tiny box of Perugina Baci.

I love dark chocolate. And hazelnut.

And they say Do Unto Others...

So, I was feeling pretty happy with myself when I wrapped the said chocolates in dainty lilac organza to surprise D tomorrow...

But I couldn't wait till tomorrow. Valentine's Eve is just as good to share the love, I justified...

The first one I unwrapped to share with D said
Chez la femme tout est cœur, même la tête
in four different Romance languages. As if to emphasize the point.

It felt a little flat when I had D read it out loud to me:
"In women everything is heart, even the head."
And then he added helpfully: "It says here each serving has about 250 calories, more than half of it Fat calories."

D has this special knack to suck the helium out of my party balloon.

Happy Valentine's Day, All You Lovebirds!

I am sure Tomorrow is another day...

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