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Saturday, February 17, 2007

no fish go fish

no fish go fish restaurant
Around D's birthday, my parents-in-law have made this little tradition of treating D and all of us to a meal to celebrate his birthday. D gets to pick the restaurant, preferably one we haven't been to so it would be exciting to try.

This time, D picked No Fish Go Fish in Hawthorne District. We've driven by it umpteen times, but never really ventured in for a meal. It is pretty cozy - probably seats about 25 at a time comfortably, including at the bar.

D and I rarely dine out. So, it is quite a treat for us.

When we were newlywed, we were on a shoestring budget and couldn't afford to eat out.

And then, when we started getting by comfortably, D got used to my cooking (and pampering), so, if we did go out, it was for the special ambience and socializing.

Then, after our wee one arrived, it has been tough to eat out with Baby in tow...

No Fish Go Fish was a very satisfying and good experience overall.

The sandwiches are fish-shaped, really cute. One gets to pick what goes in them - like spinach and feta or even dessert sandwich with chocolate and such.

Seeing the fish shaped sandwich has renewed my interest in the Hello Kitty Waffle Iron I've been eyeing. To make cutesy waffles/paninis for the wee tot. At least, that is my excuse if I end up buying it.

The soups are wonderful. Each of us ordered a different meal so we could taste it all. And it was pretty good we didn't want to share!

Wee one and I shared an Asian Bowl, and D had the coconut chicken and rice soup. Both were wonderful. I might make them for dinner one of these days...

I don't usually like to take a picture of the food at restaurants, assuming I remember to take my digital camera along. Eager to chow down, I barely remember my manners :-) So, I have no pictures of the yummy food we had. Besides, it feels like such a violation of trust if I take a picture and post it...

In addition to the meal, D got a huge toaster oven and bunch of fun kitchen tools as birthday gift.

Thanks Dad & DP! We really appreciate it.

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