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Friday, January 18, 2008

crochet: granny square daisy afghan


This crochet granny square daisy afghan is about 5 years old. Back in the days when I was unemployed and started crocheting, I was eager to learn and had more patience and dedication to finish good-sized afghans. I think I crocheted about half a dozen afghans and gave them away to friends and family - wish I had taken pictures of them so I could post them here...

This is a free pattern I found on the web for simple daisy centered granny square. Basically, make as many squares as you want and join them together to form a large afghan...


I made this almost queen-size. The photo shows it spread on top a queen-sized bed, but, this being one of my favorite works to-date, it barely sees the light of day... I usually stow it away safely in the cupboard as I am sure my kitties or little Ana would certainly wrangle with it and try to unravel it somehow :)


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Blogger Stormdrac said...

The daisy afghan is stunning, if you could remember where you got the pattern on the web I would love to do one of these...congrats and keep up the beautiful work.

6:55 AM  
Blogger Sheela said...

Thank you, Stormdrac! I will try to dig up the pattern and post a link here :)

4:15 PM  

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