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Monday, March 24, 2008

I am a Big Sister Now!!

Hello All,

You may not know me, but, Amma does mention me on and off in this miscellaneous blog of hers... I am her little darling baby girl Ana. I finally hi-jacked the laptop from Appa and decided to share the news as Amma is too sick to get around to it.

If you were wondering why Amma has not posted much here fo a long time and has dropped out of circulation for a while, it is because: I AM A BIG SISTER NOW!!

Yep!! I have a little baby brother who is 2 weeks old. Amma's tummy was getting bigger and bigger and she told me there was a baby growing inside. I did not believe her, of course, until we all went to the hospital and I saw Amma with the little baby that her doctor helped get out of her tummy!!

Appa is overwhelmed and has agreed to help me write a few posts till Amma feels better. See, she has high fever and some sort of infection and has been advised bed rest for a few weeks. I am trying to be a good girl meanwhile, and help Amma change the diaper for the baby and such.

I am showing signs of jealousy, I can't help it, but, I will let Amma write all about such things when she is well and good.

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Blogger ~nm said...

Congratulations to you Ana and to your Amma and Aopa too!

And hoping your Amma recovers really quick! Lots of love to you and your baby brother!

8:49 PM  
Blogger pink dogwood said...


3:02 PM  
Blogger Dale said...

all the blessings --

8:38 PM  

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