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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rick Emerson stopped by the other day...

Rick who? you ask...

Well, D apparently listens to a local radio show hosted by Rick Emerson. I have listened to the show on and off. To me, this show is sort of the radio equivalent of Seinfeld, only not quite as funny or brilliant.

Sorry, Rick, I do like your show, but, even you'd be the first to admit, your show just makes it a point to not talk about anything profound or serious, right?!

It is nevertheless quite entertaining. A lot of pop culture is discussed, many tidbits of inconsequential news are tossed around, very easy going, very relaxing at times, I must admit. Rick has the gift of the gab - he can rant endlessly about something that even he probably doesn't care about!

D and I, before we welcomed our little Ana, have gone to a couple of the annual Rick Emerson "parties" - sort of a gathering of fans of the show, with Rick hosting and participating genially and thanking the fans for making his show stay on the air for as long as it has etc. - one of it was at Spirit Mountain Casino, a night I would remember pretty well for reasons I cannot go into here...

Anyway, apparently, D was one of the select group of listeners that were targeted for this "surprise" - of Rick showing up at our doors personally to say "Thank You!", and handing us a pair of movie passes.

Unfortunately for D, he was working late that day, so he missed the visit. And, I was already in my jammies, trying to get Ana to finish her dinner and get her ready for bed when Rick stopped by.

Rick was incredibly polite, charming, and gracious for the 10 minutes he visited with us, along with Terry. Knowing D would not believe me, I took a picture of Rick in our living room - making sure the picture doesn't look like it has been Photoshop-ped.

Unfortunately, in my eagerness to prove it to D, I put myself in the picture next to Rick letting Terry take the picture - and, since I look horribly goofy in my pink jammies, I am unable to bring myself to share the photo here.

You'll just have to take my word for it :)



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