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Monday, December 1, 2008

Knit: Baby Sweater and Hat Set

knit raglan sleeve baby sweater pattern

I liked the pattern for raglan sleeve baby sweater and wanted to try it. I am partial to crochet, but, I love the finish that knitting produces. Usually, I start my knit projects with super gung-ho and then somewhere around row 2 when I drop stitches accidentally, lose count, and try to improvise on the pattern, I get terribly frustrated and look for ways to take the short-cut and finish the project with my trusted crochet skills.

This sweater is no exception.

It is knit from the bottom up to armhole, then divided, and the neck shaping for the two fronts and the back are done. Then, the sleeves need to be picked up and knit. That has always been the challenging part for me - patience-wise as well as skill-wise. So, I ended up crocheting the sleeves which is so much easier for me.

knit raglan sleeve baby sweater patternThe hat is a made-up pattern - sort of wanted the London Bobby look, even if the color is wrong, so, I just went along with what I thought might work. It looks like a conical hat, or maybe more like a pointy bell, but then again, I started to knit the hat and realized my pattern-making skills are not as good for knitting, so switched to crochet towards the end... explains the funny shape, doesn't it?

Anyway, I made this a while back when I was still expecting my little one, and now that I see it on him, it is not too bad... the hat looks sort of like a pixie or elf hat, and the sweater seems to keep him warm.

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Blogger Dale said...


That's adorable!

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's such an adorable set. And it looks onlu cuter on your little one. Are you on Ravelry by any chance - great patterns there ?


2:13 PM  

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