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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sewing: Mug Rugs

I completely sat out the Mug Rug fever at its peak. I told myself it is a glorified place mat no matter what everybody else wants to call it. I've made enough place mats in my life so far and we didn't need any new ones at this time, I convinced myself.

Then, around the time when I was wondering what to make for my family as Xmas present, Mug Rugs took hold of my consciousness. I could not ignore them. I could not let them go. I had to make a few.

On Friday evening, after tucking kids in bed, I took a piece of paper and drew some tentative designs. The next morning, being a weekend with no outside commitments, I raided my stash of fabrics and scraps. There was no turning back.

I made 4 Mug Rugs with simple applique depicting winter designs I had drawn the previous night. I had enough inexpensive felt fabric which I used as batting for these mug rugs. I intended to quilt them, but they looked fine as-is so decided not to.

Being a bit lazy, I didn't iron the white background fabric well enough, and not being one for measuring accurately, the rectangular fabric pieces were skewed a bit causing some pinches and folds. I thought I can handle it in the finishing process, and possibly hide it with quilting.

A simple pine tree design - a favorite around this time of the year.

A heart-warming scene of mittens and stockings hung to dry from a tree, with a giant ornament suspended from somewhere in the upper regions and two little birds perched meditatively.

A pair of cutie birds roosting on a winter-bare tree, with diamond accents adding the elegant touch. (wanted a plain fabric for all the diamonds, but, ended up with a self-design blue one somehow)

And, liking the birds too much, and finding myself with a lot more triangular trees cut out and ready-to-go, another wintry scene, bringing in the cute birdies and the diamonds.

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