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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sewing: Upcycle Adult Skirt to Girls Asymmetrical Hem Dress

On a whim while shopping with a friend over a decade ago, I had bought this skirt with a sort of tiger-like print as I liked the flow and the style. I wore that skirt about thrice in the last decade as it was not exactly my style, the print at least. But I didn't have the heart to give it away as I thought I could reverse engineer and learn how it was made.

I really liked the design of the skirt - flowing lines, asymmetrical hem, a little detail at the front that gives the illusion of layers... but, after a decade of no reverse engineering, it seemed like it was ready to go.

My daughter, however, wouldn't let it go. Her heart was set on it as she loves that print.

So, I upcyled this old skirt into a nice dress/tops for her to wear over capri shorts or Bermuda or biker shorts, or even leggings. It has all the hallmarks of being a favorite and most-worn dress in the near future.

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