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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Adventures of Sally

The Adventures of Sally
By P.G. Wodehouse

It seems silly for me to write about P.G.Wodehouse's books here. Although inherently averse to fanaticism, I have held PGW's books in very high esteem practically from teenage when I first encountered them. They are a class apart.

If I were forced to pick one writer as my favorite, I would easily choose TP&PGW - opting to club them together as one entity (TP = Terry Pratchett). Only because they both inspire me immensely.

Well, enough of this gushing.

Moving on, The Adventures of Sally is not about Jeeves or Blandings Castle or Uncle Fred or any of the more popular staples associated with PGW. Nevertheless, it is a brilliantly written story, with the characteristic twists and turns and entanglements, all ending to everyone's satisfaction.

What's amazing about both PGW &TP is that they are keen observers of human nature, and they unfold the emotions behind the actions in a brilliant yet stark way that leaves us keeling over with fits of laughter. And they both know how to tell a tale - seemingly innocuous, yet profoundly complex.

Enough said.

I just wanted to list this book here as it is a hugely satisfying read, over and over.

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