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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sewing: The Canada Dress

Of late, I've been making clothes for my daughter as needed, trying to incorporate her ideas. One of her ideas at end of summer was a "Canada Dress" which will be red and white with the Canadian flag appliqued on the chest.

Since it will be getting colder over the next few months,  she also requested tights to go with the dress.

Her choice of fabric was fleece and flannel for warmth. But, I didn't have white flannel, but plenty of white stretch knit T-shirt fabric.

I didn't use any pattern, as usual. Just measured her and cut the bodice based off another dress she has. I liked the ruffled collar/neckline and the bell sleeves with a gentle flare.

She did the Canada flag - white fabric, plus red strips sewed on by hand; then, fabric marker to trace and color in a maple leaf we found in our yard. I sewed this flag on to the dress.

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