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Friday, November 16, 2012

Sewing: Kids Fleece Tops

An easy and useful sewing project is to make fleece tops for kids, especially as the weather gets colder. I like the anti-pill soft fuzzy warm Polar fleece which I get on sale on and off. It is usually 60" Wide and so even half a yard is plenty for making one. I usually make a Size 5/6 which fits both the 4 yo and the 7 yo at home.

The fun part is to just add a small applique or detail to the front to personalize it, make it unique. I remember my daughter's favorites when she was about 3 or 4 - I was gung-ho about making a series of Nursery Rhymes themed appliques for her fleece tops.

Of course, the kids grow out of them before the fabric wears out so we've been able to pass the tops on to keep other kiddos warm. The Baa Baa Black Sheep applique one I had made about 5 years ago is still fine and is a great hand-me-down to the younger child. Of course, I 'extended' it a bit to fit the little guy with a band of blue fleece.

And, then, an elephant one, which is actually a Pajama Set.

One with race cars when race cars were the rage with Og

A green one, with a Cat, which was part of his Pine Tree Costume.

A grey one for the little girl, with a similar Cat.

And a very jolly Holiday one with a merry bird.

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