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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sewing: Baby Changing Pad Tote with Pockets

I've eyed wistfully at some of the tutorials for making changing pad clutch. However, I didn't want to do a clutch -I am more of a "hold-all" kinda gal. Clutch seemed too fancy, with an implied assumption to keep it elegant and slender. I have a tendency to stuff things into my knapsack and call it my "purse".

For the longest time, my "purse" held just-in-case diapers and wipes, just-in-case bananas and Baby Mum-Mums®, and sure enough, just-in-case onesies, hat, and socks.

When I saw this cute print of laminated cotton at JoAnn, I knew I had to make a changing pad. However, I didn't like that changing pads were not fully washable and dryable in the machine. So, I made a cotton and fleece changing pad that can be washed and dried using the machine. And, with Velcro™ to attach the laminated cotton that acts as the waterproof barrier for changing, this becomes a convenient changing pad that doesn't just have to be wiped down, but actually thrown in the washer.

I added two pockets - one for diapers and butt paste, and one for wipes, which can all be toted easily with the roll-up changing pad.

And, I also sewed some small cotton cloths that can double as washable/reusable wipes, or burp cloth.

Simply tuck the pockets in, fold in the long edge, and roll it up to tie into an easy carry-along changing pad.

This was an extremely satisfying and rewarding sewing project and am glad I had a good reason and motivation for doing it: it's for my colleague and friend who is expecting her twins this summer.

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