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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Crochet: Bear and Bunny Lovies

bunny lovey bear lovey crochst handmade lovies

Lovies, aka mini security blankets, were a great thing to have in the stroller for my kids when they were little. I remember an atrociously pink bear that my older child used to cradle in the crook of her elbow when I used to take her on stroller rides to the park.

The blanket part is super soft thick and chunky chenille, and the head and arms are made with fine soft fingering/baby acrylic yarn.

Popular vote at home is that the bunny is cuter than the bear, but, am sure the babies for whom this is intended won't care.

This is for twin girls that a friend is expecting, and I weaved in my prayers and good wishes for the safe arrival of her babies.

bunny lovey bear lovey crochst handmade lovies

Of course, my middle-schooler, who can make her own lovies, very sheepishly asked if I could crochet one for her as she watched me make the bunny lovey. How could I refuse?

bunny lovey bear lovey crochst handmade lovies

I had a bit of soft sheep-fleece-like fabric, so, I made a Sheep Lovey for her one Saturday night after she was in bed.

I gave it to her on Sunday morning.

And, all of that Sunday she didn't let go of it! Took it with her to the library, to Costco, to a little league baseball game (as audience, she doesn't play baseball)... I am guessing she likes it.

Either that, or she felt a certain obligation because I put in all the effort to fulfill her request...

I didn't write down the pattern, I just made it up as I went - started out with a magic ring as usual and worked my way up to one third of the sphere and then decreased appropriately to get the muzzle shape.

Looks more like a cow, apparently, but, i am sticking with the sheep theory.

Since, this is not for a baby and so no choking hazard, I hot-glued googly eyes rather than little French-knot eyes I embroideredfor the baby lovies.

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