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Saturday, June 23, 2007

sewing: red fan-print dress

sewing toddler clothes easy frock dress I had a little less than half a yard of the pretty red print cotton fabric and made a simple frock/dress for Ana.

There wasn't enough to make fuller frills and not even enough to make nice box pleats, so, I just winged it and made a few small gathered pleats here and there to give her room for movement...

The sleeves shaping and the little collar were the touches I wanted to add and they turned out alright.

Plus I made it front-open so she can put it on herself, and just as an added incentive, I sewed on a little plastic kitty button over the snaps so she will enjoy putting the snap on by herself.

I really don't have a lot of patience, plus Time has become such a precious commodity in my life these days, so, I try to squeeze in small-ish sewing projects to keep up the spark.

sewing toddler clothes easy frock dressMy mom does awesome hand embroidery - even zardosi and such specialized Indian threadwork - but, I haven't learnt anything much along those lines from her yet. And she does these bright and pretty fabric paintings on dresses too - she has made a few for Ana that I should post here one of these days...

Ana seems to like this frock/dress and for some reason, loves to wear her Elmo underpants with this to complete the outfit :-)

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