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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


While I am not quite the chatterbox, I do enjoy hearing my non-mommy voice articulating in full sentences, tossing potentially-thought-provoking ideas to D, the only other adult in the household.

Now D, as we all know, measures his words, measures them twice, and then decides not to squander them away after all. It can get hauntingly quiet in our house when it is just the two grown-ups in it, unless I try to do something about it...

The trick, I read (nevermind where), was to pick something so far from the truth and deliver it with a hurt and accusatory tone that the party of the second part cannot ignore.

And thus, they say, the party of the first part is guaranteed a response from the usually-mild-mannered-and-generally-gentlemanly party of the second part.

Armed with this secret knowledge, and never the easy quitter, I valiantly attempt evoking a response, even a biting, stinging response, but a response nonetheless, with blatantly inappropriate message thusly:
Me: Sometimes you are so callous and self-centered, it makes me want to scream.
Me: Did you hear me? Do you have anything to say to it?
D: Oh. I thought you were talking to yourself.

So much for the so-called "Advice" - you get what you pay for...

And so much for trying to work myself up to a militant mood... Live and let be, that's what I am sticking to.

Silence is Golden they say, in which case our house is probably blindingly glittering most of the time...

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