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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Two Weeks in Alpine Europe Part III: Neuschwanstein and Schaan

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Google Map of our recent vacation

(Continued from previous post...)

DAY 5: Waved good-bye to beautiful Mösern and hit the road towards Neuschwanstein Scloß.

Being in the neighborhood, we didn't want to miss this big tourist attraction so we took the castle tour, had some food, gave Baby a breather and let her play in the park there.

We decided to take this day easy as we had done a lot the previous day. From Neuschwanstein we wanted to head straight to Switzerland, but, couldn't help stopping by Liechtenstein. As we were passing through anyway and it was just about tea time, we ausgang-ed into Schaan from the Autobahn.

It was either Vaduz or Schaan and we just happened to go to Schaan and as our luck would have it there was some sort of street fest there. Baby had fun meeting new friends there, listening to live music, and playing while we sipped some beer/coffee and snacked on some local delicacies (can't remember the names now, though)...

If only baby was a bit older, she would have made a bunch of penpals - even from Liechtenstein, a fairly small doubly landlocked Alpine country!

We spent a lot of time just catching our breath and enjoying the weather and mingling in Schaan that we almost lost track of time. We were still pretty far away from our destination for the night: Interlaken, Switzerland.

(To be continued...)

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