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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

back at the nest!

After two weeks of wonderful break, it is good to be back at the nest. The trip was very exciting and relaxing at the same time - one big advantage of traveling with a baby - can't rush about too much trying to pack as many activities in a day as we would have liked to :-)

We decided to explore the alpine regions, seeing more of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and threw in Liechtenstein just for kicks :-) As we had already enjoyed the usual spots like Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and even Rostock before we welcomed our Baby, we decided to stay away from typical tourist attractions until Baby is older and can enjoy it better. So, this vacation, we just explored Nature at its best...

We managed to try some authentic Bavarian and Swiss foods both at restaurants and at wonderfully hospitable friends' homes. Spargel (white asparagus) was in season and my friend A was nice enough to cook some up with butter sauce for us one evening. I had it for the first time and enjoyed it! D enjoyed the typical Schnitzels and Bratwursts, and the popular Turkish Döner Kebabs, plus of course, an assortment of local cheeses and beers and wines...

I am looking forward to posting a travelogue of sorts soon...



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