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Monday, April 16, 2007

camera shy

I was sifting through my digital and print photos to upload a fairly nice mugshot for my Blogger Profile image... turns out, the few that I have handy feature one or the other kitty in my life prominently.

The current one features the incredibly sweet Foster, aka Tripod, as she lost one of her legs as a baby - when she was found and adopted by my in-laws - Foster is about 14 years old now! an alternate picture I am toying with features another smart kitty, not currently co-habiting... and then there are quite a few with the two who have been with us since their babyhood, whom my wee tot considers her playmates and siblings :-)

I am unofficially the camera-wielder in my family. I am more comfortable behind the camera usually, than in front of it. And thanks to digital camera and image software revolution, everybody and their kitty can fancy themselves a Photographer, moi aussi, of course!

Oh, there are many pictures of me with friends and family, looking groggy or goofy or plain furious as I was caught in front of the camera when I didn't want to be - not the sort of picture I care to share.

Plus, I prefer being inconspicuous, I like the anonymity, the suggested mystery...

And, as it happens, it is not easy to stage a self-timer-ed glamor shot of the self.

So, I gave in and requested D to take a few nice pictures of me that I can meddle with a bit to make them passably appealing.

As it happens, nice is quite subjective... D clicked a few and declared he was "done". D does not like to be in front of, or behind, or anywhere near the camera. It hurts my eye to look at the ones he shot - it is almost as if I am vaporizing right in front of the camera... Oh Well. Am not complaining. 'Twas awfully sweet of him to make an effort for me.

Perhaps I shall try to find a fairly stunning picture of the self to post here soon... or not.



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