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Friday, March 30, 2007

stretch a little

easy sewing crafts baby tee t-shirt toddler tops
Not that I am weird or anything... but, ever since I was little, I've had special attachment to certain clothes in my small-ish wardrobe, and would insist on wearing only those, over and over, and would want my mom to "extend" their life somehow so they would still fit me as I grow. Just something about the way they fit me, about how comfortable I felt in them...

Mind you, they cannot be loose muumuus that I will fit into anytime, they have to fit my form well at every stage of development: Accommodate and Flatter.

Anyway, a while back, I had sewn this sage pique knit tee for my wee tot, with batik sleeves and all, a fairly nice-looking appliqué to boot... I liked the way it fit her. I liked the way she looked in it.

Now, a few months down the road, the same shirt bares her midriff. Not the sort of look I want a not-yet-two-year-old to sport.

Retire the shirt? Nah... I would gladly pass it on to GoodWill if it was store-bought, but, I put some love and effort into it, and five months seems too short a lifespan to wave good-bye...

It is a good thing I save the scraps after each sewing project. I had enough to add a few inches of frilled extension to the shirt and prolong its wearability for a few more months.

And, for some reason, the altered tee, with the frills, makes darn cute tops over her baby trousers, if I may speak through my pink-colored mommy glasses :-)

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