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Thursday, March 22, 2007

he says, she says

D gets a couple of nights a week to do his own thing. So, he goes out and does his own thing. I stay home with Baby on those nights, playing with her, reading to her, get her in bed, and maybe read my book before I turn in.

Of course, by the same token, I get a couple of nights a week to do my own thing. I stay at home and do my own thing. I am not much of an outgoing person. Or rather, I haven't found any group activity I'd much rather be doing... yet. As a result, I stay home with Baby on those nights as well, playing with her, reading to her, get her in bed, and maybe read my book before I turn in.

Last week, D got back home, close to 11 p.m, from bowling in a new team for some bowling league. I was still awake. I am usually out by 9-ish... so, he didn't expect me to get chatty when he got in. But, chatty I got and it went something like this:

Me: how was your bowling today?
D: ok
Me: did you get a strike?
D: ya
Me: do they give you anything for it?
D: ya
Me: what did you get?
D: a ticket
Me: a ticket to what?
D: that i can cash in for beer
Me: did you? cash it in for beer?
D: yes
Me: oh. how many beers did you have?
D. a couple
Me: you sound like you've had about 5
D: something like that, ya.
Me: who else is in your team?
D: grunt
Me: anybody with interesting name?
D: grunt
Me: any women in your team?
D: grunt
Me: any of them married?
Me: do they have kids?
Me: probably not, because if they did, they'd be home with their babies while their husbands went bowling
D: go to sleep.

Now, if you don't know D, he is not the chatty kind. He is also not very good at volunteering trivial information that would satisfy my curiosity. He also likes to answer only about 3 questions in a row, anything more, he considers nagging!

Me on the other hand, I love to share such mundane info, and, if our roles were reversed, our chat would have gone something like this:

Me: hey, are you awake? want to tell you about my bowling tonight
D: yaawwnn, am sure it was fine
Me: so, we have this team, right? six of us, 3 guys, 3 gals - there's Tom, Dick and Harry, then, there's Jane, Dawn and me... Jane is married; Dawn is dating this guy, but, he doesn't like bowling; Tom's wife apparently went to U of O where we went.. well, Dick and Harry are the quiet type but they bowl really well, i can get a few pointers from them... are you still awake?
D: grunt
Me: anyway, i got a strike!!! i got this ticket that i could exchange for beer, but, since i didn't want another beer, i gave it to Tom; Tom has two boys it seems - 3 and 5, I forgot their names - will ask him again next week. Jane and Dawn don't have any kids yet; they said they'd like to meet Baby.... heyyy, stop snoring! you know how it keeps me up when you snore!

Alright, I have to be honest: I am not hung up on trivia. I just like to know more about people I hang out with. And, I'd like to know more about people D hangs out with. And, certainly, would like to know A LOT about people my wee one will hang out with!

I also like to recount the whole story, give the full report. Oh, I do leave out what *I* consider trivial details... like, what clothes they were wearing, or what the score was etc.

I'd rather not speak in monosyllables and one-word-sentences unless explicitly required to :)

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Blogger Jayarama Krishnan said...

Ah, so you get to do YOUR thing on the nights YOU get to do your thing.
You also get to do YOUR thing on the night D gets to do HIS thing.
And then on top of it, you get to complain! Ain't you lucky?!!!! :P

Interesting one though! Can absolutely picture all of that! :D

8:27 AM  

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