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Sunday, March 4, 2007


fairy doll making
I was thinking about a dear friend of mine this past weekend. Thinking about her a lot. Itching to call her and talk to her, but, not knowing what to say, I did not call...

She sent a cute fairy doll making kit for Christmas. Thank you, dear girl.

I was saving it to do as a project with my wee tot when she is older and ready for it.

But, I couldn't wait. I just had to find a way to deal with the restlessness I was experiencing.

Making this fairy doll proved therapeutic. It was very relaxing...

It is meant to be a cute project for little girls. But, making this fairy doll made me feel like a little girl again.

We named her Rhonwen. D helped pick the name as he sensed the restlessness in me...

Rhonwen in Welsh means fair-haired or something like that. Rowena/Rowan is the English equivalent, I believe.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very sweet Sheelar! I could use some "fairy dust" on me for luck..

5:28 AM  

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